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Trapezium is a leading services provider delivering innovative technology to businesses to improve productivity and efficiency.

Put simply, Trapezium give back to IT departments the time and capacity to focus on front-end business improvement projects, while Trapezium look after the routine IT aspects. Working in partnership as part of the customers’ extended team, Trapezium have both the experience and skills to support your organisation in its journey to the Cloud.

Trapezium take a consultative approach, you will not be sold a Cloud product and then left stranded. Trapezium form a partnership, acting as an extension of your IT team, helping you to drive competitive advantage through innovative IT services.

Trapezium invest time and resources to ensure a true understanding of clients' needs, and build solutions to fix their problems; supporting existing on-premise investments and helping organisations transition at a pace that suits them.

Trapezium is not a hosting provider that has just popped up to sell you a cheap solutions or a System Integrator which has simply added the word “Partner” to existing services. Trapezium offer a range of ICT and Carrier solutions which have been developed over many years to support you as you move from an IT support team to a department that delivers business innovation.

With the IT landscape in constant evolution, Trapezium is built around today's modern IT challenges offering application, network, infrastructure, mobile, collaboration and IT security services. Trapezium own our own networks and data centers so we can offer genuine end-to-end services that are tailored to meet clients' needs.

Trapezium solutions are built around your needs for agility, efficiency, productivity and security.

About Trapezium

To address the multi-point connectivity needs in the global economy, where connecting geographically dispersed offices, resources and stakeholders is critical, Trapezium has the delivery capability to include international connectivity for

With a range of carefully selected “best of breed” partners covering all aspects of data storage, networking and security, our vendor portfolio contains an ideal combination of new innovation alongside well established and proven technology vendors. 

At Trapezium we pride ourselves on our approach. We have developed a step-by-step integration methodology that allows our customers to work seamlessly with us in any engagement. We adopt a risk averse attitude to everything we do, ensuring 

Today's high-pressure business world compels your organisation to be more agile, improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and meet its employees' needs for new applications and technologies more rapidly. That's why your approach to